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Long sandy beaches, bays and marvellous high dunes or glistenning tiny stones - all of this you can find in the 240 Sardinian beaches spread all over the island and in its minor islands. The Sardinian sea is such different and particular in various points that every single visitor of the island can find his or her preferred and perfect beach.
Choose between almost transparent light-blue or emerald-color water on the flat small beaches with shallow water (typical for the east-north coastline) or the high limestone cliffs falling down to the sea (that can be found mainly in the west coastline). Otherwise opt for the bays or beaches with a rich underwater life - especially in the protected areas all over Sardinia: La Maddalena Archipelago, Asinara island or Gulf of Orosei.
The Sardinian coast if literally dotted with beaches. Each one is different, particular, characteristic, unique. Some of them are long even more than 10 km, some are long only a few meters, with or without beige or almost red rocks.
In some of them you find the pines, the others can be reached only by boat. Sometimes it is necessary to pass in the middle of the thick Mediterranean scrub and reach the beach by foot. However, manny of them, especially the biggest ones, have the parking areas right next to the beach. At the end it is hard to choose where to pass your holidays, but each beach and part of the coast is worth a visit.
Sardinia has the ideal conditions for water sports. In all the touristic centers and locations you find the boats to rent, dinghies, but also a possibility to do snorkeling, diving windsurfing, water skiing, kite-surfing, etc. During the last years sailing by sailing ships or catamarans has become very popular. The northern part of the Sardinian sea is very suitable for regattas as well. Have a look at the map and find your next holiday destination!
Beaches in Sardinia
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