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A charming tour around Gallura region

The itinerary in North East Sardinia by coach or rented car and on foot

Altura Porto Rafael
"fava" castle in Posada
beach along Eastern shore of Sardinia
Coddu vecchiu nuragic tomb
Gallura is a region laying in the North-East part of Sardinia. Its hills covered by the thick Mediterranean scrub slope lightly into the crystal clear sea.
During the 5 day long guided tour you learn about the historical sites dating back to the Phoenician period and the Nuragic era, but you will also discover some beautiful white beaches and taste the local specialities and wines famous all over the world.

This tour has been programmed for the families (children included) or the trekking lovers-beginners. Some of the below listed destinations can be connected either with a car / coach or by a short and easy trekking. However, some walking is necessary along steep trails or there are some sights with many steps (mainly around the castles).

Day 1 - Olbia, Tempio, Luras
Arrival to Sardinia and meet&greet with the guide. Accomodation in agriturismo (rural houses). This kind of stay has become very popular since it is also a possibility to know the home atmosphere of the local people. All the agriturismo are managed by the owners and guarantee the comfort and privacy. In more, almost all of them are situated in the characteristic small villages or in the countryside.
According to the arrival time to Sardinia, in the first day you can visit the ethnographical museum Galluras in Luras or go for a short walking tour to the Limbara mountains that rise above the town Tempio. Galluras museum has a rich collection of the authentic objects that has been collected during the years all over Sardinia. Among them there are carpets, furnishing, pottery, pillows, bed linen, embroideries, wooden or iron tools and much more. The most interesting object is a hammer referred to Accabadora – on request an old lady wearing a black dress used to use the hammer for so-called euthanasia for the ill and suffering people with no hope to be cured. There are the proofs that this kind of euthanasia was exercised in the northern part of island until the 20’s of the 20th century. In case you do not like the museum, you can decide for a walking tour in the mountains. The locality is very popular among the local people, there is a beautiful view from the panoramic road on the valley with Tempio in the middle of it. The area is slowly becoming famous also among the trail running lovers.  

Day 2 - Posada, San Teodoro - Olbia
After breakfast visit the castle Castello delle fave in Posada on the eastern coast of Sardinia. The rock tower up on the limestone hill was built in the 13th century as a part of the defensive system of the Eastern coast. There is a view on the bay and the surrounding region that is called Baronia. You can reach the tower passing through the village along the narrow cute streets with colorful houses.
The second stop is on the beach La Cinta in San Teodoro. The curve-shaped beach is long about 5 km and is famous for its snow white fine sand. Right next to the beach there a lagoon, the habitat of the pink flamingos stay during the winter. For this reason many birdwatching lovers come to San Teodoro before and after the main season.
After free lunch in the afternoon you reach Olbia and stop at Castello Pedres, which is similar to Castello delle fave or you go directly to the city center.
In Olbia visit the main street, the museum with the ships from the Roman era (they were found during the excavation of the tunnel in Olbia center) or visit San Simplicio's Cathedra lfrom the 11th century.
At the end of the day do some shopping or have an Italian coffee or ice-cream.

Day 3 - Arzachena,  Porto Cervo
Right after breakfast you get to Arzachena for a visit of nuraghe La Prisgiona and giants’ tomb Coddu Vecchiu - the sights dating back to the Nuragic period.
The Nuragic people lived in Sardinia from about 2000 BC and disappeared after the arrival of the ancient Romans. Nuraghe is a kind of tower or house or fortress standing in the middle of the village. There are still no exact explanations of how they were used.
The giants’ tombs are the burial areas for the most important members of the nuragic society in Sardinia.
After a visit stop at Surrau winery next to Arzachena and taste some of the delicious local red, white or rosè wines.
And then just a few minutes to reach Porto Cervo. Walk to the main square La Piazzetta or visit Stella Maris church situated in a panoramic position with El Greco painting inside and a view over the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda on the other side of the bay.
At the end stop in one of the beaches like Piccolo Pevero, Grande Pevero, Spiaggia del Principe, Capriccioli, Liscia Ruja or Cala di Volpe for a swim.

Day 4 - Palau, La Maddalena and Caprera islands
The first site for this day is a military fortress Monte Altura next to Palau.
Altura was built in 1887-1889 as a part od the defensive system protecting the island of La Maddalena. There is a beautiful view on the whole area of the archipelago and the Straight of Bonifacio from up there. It was a very important fortress as the soldiers had to protect the island from the attacks from Corsica. It is considered to be one of the nicest fortresses in Europe. Afterwards take a ferry from Palau to La Maddalena.
Visit its pictoresque center with a plenty of shops, boutiques, souvenirs shops and delicious Italian ice cream or coffee. On Caprera there is a Museum of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the man who united Italy. He lived there for his last 26 years and is entombed inside his property. Caprera is famous also for the wonderful beaches, but you can visit it riding a horse as well.
Since it is the last day of all the clients together, a farewell dinner will be organized in the evening and only local speciliaties will be served.
Then drive back to the agriturismo for the overnight stay.

Day 5 - Olbia
The program can be arranged with the guide and according to the departure time.
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