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Map of Sardinia
Sardinia is situated right in the center of the Mediterranean sea between Sicily and Corsica. It is 189 km far from the mainland of Italy, 11 km far from Corsica and 190 km from the north coast of Africa. It is the second biggest Italian island as well as the second biggest island of the Mediterranean (24 090 km2). From the north to the south it is 268 km and from the east to the west it is 140 km. The island has 1 641 000 inhabitants. Sardinia is an autonomous region. The official language is Italian, but the local people speak very often also the Sardinian language.
Sardinia is surrounded by sea: the Tyrrhenian Sea in the east, Sardinia sea, Sardinian chanel and the Straight of Bonifacio - the last one situated between Sardinia and Corsica is one of the most famous parts of the Mediterranean as the Archipelago of La Maddalena is situated there.
Sardinia is mainly a mountainous plateau that gradually slopes to sea.  The highest point La Marmora rises up to 1834 m above sea level and it makes part of the Gennargentu mountains in the central part of the island. The mountainous granitic or limestone terrain is drained by many small rivers and streams and there is a lot of wide green valleys covered by the thick Mediterranean scrub. Between Oristano and Cagliari there is the biggest Sardinian plain. The capital Cagliari and the nearby area has the highest concentration of the population.
Sardinia has some important rivers like Tirso (150 km long), Flumendosa (127 km long) or Temo (the only navigable one passing through Bosa).  The only natural lake is Baratz close to Alghero, but there are more than 50 artificial lakes and dams that supply water and electricity.  In more, close to many large beaches  (in Oristano, Cagliari or San Teodoro) there are the ponds with a plenty of fish or pink flamingos.
Sardinia has 1897 km of the coastline (which equals a quarter of Italy). High cliffs and rocky coastline is typical for the western part of the island, long white sand beaches are mainly in the north, east and south of Sardinia.
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Sardinian Highlights
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