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Minicruise in the Gulf of Orosei
cala mariolu gulf of orosei
Full day mini cruise along the coasts of the Gulf of Orosei with some stops on the beaches and a possibility to visit the monk seal grottos.

The departure for a mini cruise in the Gulf of Orosei  is from the port of Orosei (or La Caletta or Cala Gonone)  situated on the east coast of Sardinia and the whole trip is done along the same sea shore. Gulf of Orosei is a natural reserve. It is a protected area with no towns or villages. Its flora and fauna is protected, many of the beaches can be reached only by boats or by foot from hinterland passing in the narrow and hidden pathes, but this is recommended only to those who practise trekking.
The boat trip is a unique opportunity to explore this unpolluted part of Sardinia. The boat stops in several beaches for a swim. The beaches are made of sand or mostly of tiny white stones and they glitter clearly when the sun shines. While enjoying crystal clear water of the gulf you can admire the white limestone cliffs hanging above your head - beautiful natural landscape. It is also an opportunity to take some unique pictures of Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Goloritzè or Cala Luna – some of the most precious gems among the Sardinian beaches. There are six large grottoes that open onto the Cala Luna beach and oleander plants grow above them.
It is possible to visit Grotta del Fico and especially Grotte del Bue Marino (monk seal’s grotto) which is the most famous of the whole area. It can be reached only by boat from the sea and the entrance is just above the sea level. It is very suggestive. The guide inside the grotto (in Italian and English language) explain how it was made and its history, too. Until 1970 it was one of the last habitats of the monk seal. Who visits Grotte del bue marino has less time for swimming at Cala Luna.
The excursions finishes back in the departure port after sailing along the coast and even if you do not stop in all the beaches, you see them all and you can take wonderful pictures.

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