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Nuoro, Orgosolo and Barbagia mountains
museum in Nuoro
Full day guided  trip by coach with a focus on the local traditions and the history of the community of people living far from the crowded coastline, local traditions and typical lunch with shepherds.
Nuoro is situated in the central part of the island in the mountains called Barbagia. It is themost important town of the area, an administrative center that offers several possibilities how to spend a very pleasant halfday stay.
At Nuoro it is possible to visit the ethnographical museum, called also Museum of the life and Popular Traditions. The ethnografical museum evolved with the intention of creating a cultural link between all the regions of the island. It was build as a complex of several buildings – each one reminding one area of Sardinia. All the objects in the museum are authentic.  There are various colorful traditional customs, musical instruments, jewelries, furniture, textiles and especially the traditional carnival masks: "Mamuthones", "Issohadores" and some others that have  various shapes. One of the characteristics is a frequent use of wooden, zoomorph and strangely shaped forms. They are decorated by sheep skin and cattle bells and other devices which cause a terrible noise. The shepherds and farmers who owned these masks realized the power they had on influencing the destiny of the farming year; thus, despite their frightening appearance, their visit was awaited and welcomed, and was an opportunity to befriend them with offers of food and drink.
Otherwise there is a possibility to visit the native house and the Museum of Grazia Delleda (1871 - 1936), a Sardinian writer who won the Nobel price for literature in 1926. The museum has 10 rooms divided on three floors, garden and courtyard. Visiting the museum the guests find out many details and particularities of a typical way of life in the Deledda's times as well as see many of her personal objects like books, manuscripts, furniture, etc. Kitchen and buttery have been furnished according to the descriptions we can find in the Deledda's autobiografic novel Cosima. After marriage she moved to Rome, but never stopped writing about Sardinia and she furnished her studio in Rome by the furnitures order to the Sardinian artisans. In the museum there is also a collection of the some works of art of Deledda's contemporary local artist like Francesco Ciusa, Antonio Ballero, Sebastiano Satta or Priamo Galissay.
The second stop is in Orgosolo, one of the most famous villages in Sardinia. The village is famous for the wall paintings, so-called murales that you can find on almost all the houses. Stop and walk along the main street to take some inetresting pictures. The last stop is at Supramonte, the mountains in the surroundings of Orgosolofor typical Sardinian lunch cooked according to the ancinet recepies and served at the open air in the shadow of the trees. For lunch only local specialities are served - 2 kinds of cheese, ham, 2 kinds of bread, boiled sheep and roasted suckling piglet.  
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