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Among the most popular Sardinian souvenirs for friends and relatives belong the red and the white Sardinian liquor mirto made from he fruit of the homonymous plant. Both fruit and leaves are used for the liquor production. It is possible to buy mirto in the supermarkets or in the souvenir shops. Sometimes the bottles containing mirto are covered by cork with hand made colorful paintings on them.
A godd idea might be also a bottle of a good local wine - white wine Vermentino di Gallura or red wine Cannonau.
he mos popular local product is pecorino sardo - sheep cheese. It is produced all over the island and some kinds of cheese is almost 2 years old when it is finally ready o be eaten.
Another traditional souvenirs are hand made blankets, colorful pillows witouth or with embroideries (the most common and typical motives are for example birds, flowers or peacocks, etc.).
In Olbia there is a factory Cerasarda producing very famous pottery. In many shops or in the street markets it is possible to find a great variety of objects like flower pots, cups, plates, trays, bowls, ashtrays, lamps as well as some pendants or earrings. Cerasarda produces also the tails that were used for building even the most expensive 5 star Sardinian hotels.
Sardinian hills in he hinterland are covered by the cork oaks. Sardinia is the third most important cork producer in Europe. Many of cork objects can be good ideas for souvenirs, for example pens, postcards, diaries, small baskets, bookmarks or even handbags.
Ladies often prefer some pieces of the Sardinian jewels like fede sarda (Sardinian wedding-ring, in the past it was a symbol of marriage, nowadays many girls and women wear it just like anoher jewels), a hand made decorated ring as well as coral or filigree bracelet, earrings or necklet. Coral jewels are typical for the western coasline a big quantity of he coral grows inside the Gulf of Alghero.
Gentlemen usually choose among the handmade knives made by local artisans in Pattada or Arbus. The knifes have handgrip made of bones or horns.

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