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Tavolara island
Tavolara island - Sardinia
Full day trip to the islands Molara and Tavolara, stop for swimming in the bays with shallow crystal clear water
and on the beach Spalmatore facing the eastern coast of Sardinia.
The island of Tavolara is a majestic limestone massif that rises directly from the sea up to 565 meters above the sea level. It’s a pearl of Gallura and one of the most spectacular places of the whole Mediterranean area. Tavolara appears like a mountain fallen from the sky, it remains suspended between the blue sea and the white clouds. The island makes part of the protected area since 1997 that is called Tavolara and Capo Coda Cavallo. It is large about 15 000 square kilometers.  The territory belongs to Olbia.
Tavolara is 6 km long and 1 km wide. The most eastern point is called Punta Timone and there is a lighthouse and 3 antennas  that are high more than 200 m. There is also a military base, that’s why this part of the island is not accessible to tourists. The whole island is covered by the dense Mediterranean scrub (different kinds of bushes and low trees)  and almost 50 species of animals and plants on Tavolara are protected by law. This area is famous not only among the tourists that come for swimming or climbers that practise sport there, but also among the local people as many of them come to visit the protected area with guides in order to learn more about their territory.
Once you embark a boat you sail to Molara island area and stop for a short swim in the place called swimming pool because of the shallow water and a shape of the area. The sea water in this point is very clear and the color is bright. This is very nice panoramic point for taking pictures, too. Afterwards sail to the Tavolara island and stop on the beach Spalmatore. This is the only sand beach of the island. There will be longer stop for swimming and sun bathing. Do not forget to bring a hat and sun glasses as there is no shaded area on the beach.
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